Thursday, August 21, 2014

Take me higher

This song makes me feel like the world is amazing and inspiring and that everything is wonderful and perfect. It takes me on a high that won't bring me down. There is a beautiful satisfaction in listening to this song. It makes doing work at 1:49am seem that lil' significant bit better.

Monday, August 11, 2014


It's here. That moment I take a step back and realize that this is happening. Life is happening. Today, I sent Ryan into army. I toured around the camp and ate camp food. I watched him stand in line with other recruits. The feeling is so surreal. Half of me doesn't actually believe he's in camp right now. Tonight, I go back to hall for the rest of the week. Tomorrow, my uni life starts at 0830. Everything is starting. This is that moment everyone has talked about, this is that moment everyone gushes about. 

This is that moment.
The moment is now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I realize that I am very blessed to be given the opportunity to celebrate my birthday every year. It is something that I have taken for granted for some time now. I was not meant to celebrate my birthday this year. I was meant to just go out with some friends and not have a party at home like I usually do. Ever since my maid left, my parents have been quite tired with household chores and a party is like the biggest chore ever, as hosts would know very well. I was told that I wasn't having a party, but in the end, I did have one. It was small, nothing compared to the ones I usually have but I am very blessed. I'm very blessed to be able to actually celebrate my birthday and celebrate it with people that are very close to my heart.  

My family, even though we all have our flaws, they have always given me the love and support that I need. My sister, even though she drives me mad sometimes, I know that if I'm in trouble, she'll save me. I just haven't been able to articulate myself proper lately. Thank you for everything, I would be nothing without all of you.

Thank you Gracia for the beautiful photos. Find her on

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Very special people to me. 
Met them for Japanese dinner, wish the dinner lasted forever.

Met my favourite girl and shopped a bit. I can never say enough about her.

Then it was Vondra's early 21st.
She is now in Melbourne D':
But she'll be back in December.
I couldn't even send her off because I was in camp..

Favourite poly breasties.

Then I went for a 5/6 day camp. #admfoc2014 Had the best group ever and I'm so glad I went. I almost bailed on this camp because I have another one coming up but ugh I'm so glad I went. You know you have zero expectations and then something just blows you away. Yeah < that. Made wonderful friends in the camp. I regret nothing!

We all have that one very drunk friend. Must selfie.
Bash night brought out the best of KB.

Favourite people in ADM.

This was a quickie.
But at least I blogged.
PS: How often do you see me without make up?
Take a good look it ain't happening again.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Party Mix

Disclaimer/ This post is not in chronological order. 

Just got back from my favdave day of the week. Let's all give it up for Sunday! Went to Church in the morning and after that went to Wisma to try Omakase Burger. *more details about experience below

To be honest, it looks quite good and since we're being honest, it sucks. Why does everyone like it? Are my taste buds broken? I had seriously high expectations because they asked for the doneness of my meat and this girl likes her well done. But meh, the patty was tasteless and it was still bleeding juice everywhere. The parchment paper holding my burger was also holding a pool of meat juice which I didn't notice and eventually made it's way onto my hands and phone. Seriously though if it tasted good it would have been worth the high maintenance but meh, Omasake you're just meh. Wait, you're super meh because the price was just not worth it. I was not happy with my burger. 


Starbucks is basically where Ryan and I go before we wait for movies to start. I convinced him to watch Deliver Us From Evil today and it was quite good! It wasn't as scary as The Conjuring, I know some people didn't think The Conjuring was scary but the last scene where the exorcism took place scared the living shit out of me. I don't care if her face was covered by a cloth, I could see blood everywhere and omg the screaming. I don't do well with screaming, I do the screaming. 

DUFE was not that scary because 
1. There were no actual ghosts or like long haired bitches that scared you shitless. 
2. The person possessed was a guy and guys are just not as scary as girls are, you know? 
3. Joel McHale was in it. Community, anyone?

I thought it had a great ending. I'm starting to see a trend here guys, are people finally warming up to the idea of happy endings? Back then when it was the Grudge and whatnot they were so into this continuous loop where you are forever trapped in the haunting and it was very unappealing. It also scared me into hating horror movies but I think I'm getting better. I think DUFE is a fun watch!

Also, Transformers 4 was not bad. I don't want to be a critic or a hater but I didn't feel like seat shifting excited about the whole thing. I was ridiculous excited during Pacific Rim (if you haven't watched it, you must). I felt happy watching it but on a happy scale it was a 7/10 and Pacific Rim was like a 12/10. I don't know, I don't hate it but I don't love it to bits and I'll probably forget what happened in the movie 3 months from now. The dinosaur bots tho, yes, those are cool. I like them. Dinosaurs are great. 

I baked this recently with Ryan.
We tried our very best.

It is not what I expected or what I had hoped that it would be but I am still quite proud of it. I think the cream is delicious but the cake isn't as spongey as I had hoped it would be. I'm not entirely sure where we went wrong on this one but Ryan says it tastes good. It was funny because we were drawing things on the cake and it was meant to be hearts but they were ugly so we made them into strawberries. Also, baking is tiring as hell and cleaning up kind of sucks but the whole experience was fun. I love cream rolls, I love them a bit too much so making my own was really cool to me.


Met up with Vondra and Beimin a while back. It seems like our agreement to meet a few times a month has been holding up so far! We met up to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 WHICH IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER. Well, maybe not ever BUT IT IS ONE OF THE BEST. I freaking love HTTYD it brings me so much happiness I just want to explode. When I met the both of them they told me that the cinemas were all fully booked and I just would not have it so we went to Choa Chu Kang to watch it. Yes, we did. I do not regret it. HTTYD is like so fanfiction worthy, so fanart worthy, so fangirl worthy omg. I was not prepared for it's awesomeness. 

That is all.

Finally, I sent Elaine off to Australia for good last week. Kind of sucks to see someone leave when you just got to know and like them you know? Anyway, I wish her all the best for her studies abroad and maybe, just maybe I may get to see her some time soon again.