Saturday, September 27, 2014

Real Life

This is the brilliance that has come out of my genius friends. I'm not pulling anybody's leg here. Please feel free to take the template image and stick anything you want on my face. I'm doing a project for uni and I need artists! 

Don't be shy! 
Email me your beautiful work at
This project officially ends on the 3rd of October(Friday).
All entries will be showcased here and on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.
Please include your name so I can credit you!


disclaimer: This is not a competition. There are no prizes. 
Everyone is a winner, right?

Friday, September 26, 2014


feel free to add to blank space
any image of any object, pattern, space or person

doing an experiment
put something on my face and email it back to me

Monday, September 8, 2014


Four weeks in to uni and here's what I've been up to/has happened lately:

  • Eating terribly on weekdays and living the life on weekends. My meals are rubbish in university. I don't usually have breakfast, I know it's basically a sin but I don't have time to sit down and have a bowl or cereal or make myself a sandwich. Most days I down a cup of milo+coffee (yes I drink both together) because unfortunately, I've come to realize that without that lil' bit of caffeine in the morning, I just can't live my life right. I'm desperately in need of a bed two hours after I wake up without it. I know, it's ridiculous. I really never pegged myself as a dependant-on-coffee type of person. I mean, it's always fun to say you need it but when you actually really need it, jokes on you. It's very sad.

    I have no time for lunch because my schedule is sadistic. I have an hour to get from point A to point B and if you have been to NTU, you'd know that it's basically an island on land. There is no way I can get a proper lunch so I usually put snacks in my bag and just settle. Life is giving me lemons right now.

    Dinner is simple. I either make my own food (steamed broccoli can I get a what what), go out and have dinner in one of the rather lacking canteens or (yes you knew this was coming) instant noodles.

    Wow. Now that I've laid it down, wow. Shit! What the fuck have I been eating!

    Weekends are amazing. Ryan books out and I pretend I have no homework. I always have homework, but I have managed to get by. Somehow. We eat out and last weekend, we had whatever I wanted. Let me just say, before anyone thinks I'm a shit girlfriend and that I should be letting Ryan eat whatever he wants since he's in army, he eats way better than I do in camp. His meals are clockwork regular and mine, it's just sad. We had sushi, lots of sushi. We went for a Japanese Buffet at Momoya on Friday night. Then we had Genki on Saturday and Sukiya on Sunday. Yes. Life is good when you can eat. I literally binge on weekends and starve on weekdays. Don't follow, would not recommend.
  • Drawing a little more than I would like. Duh, art school but good lord is drawing hard when you don't feel like doing it. It's a very feel good kind of activity and when you're in a shit mood you just produce rubbish. On some days, I struggle real hard. Can't even hold my pencil right and I just want to throw everything down the second floor and maybe stab someone. It's a weekly struggle, weekly submissions. I can't escape. I can't run and I can't hide. My mother thinks it's hilarious because this is exactly what I've wanted all my life. She's laughing, I know it.

    The workload is also starting to pile on, other subjects like art history and narrative writing. Narrative is fine, it's very dependant on your own writing style but the last time I wrote an essay of any kind was in Secondary School. To put it simply, art students only use their pencils to draw. We don't do any writing. I have an art history essay submission coming up and I'm trying not to explode from anxiety. Moral support of any kind is welcome.

  • One of my best friends, Adeline, left for the UK to study. She'll be back shortly in December but I was not expecting waterworks at the airport. We're all just a bunch of very emotional people. We have a lot of feelings that need expressing. I would say I miss her, but the truth is, we don't see each other very often and when we do, it's usually on snapchat. Now she just has different backgrounds I guess. Technology messes everything up, it compresses time and space man. It does all sorts of sorts.

    Do you think machines will take over the world someday?
  • My mum and sis are both overseas at the moment. Mum is in the US for business and sis is in the UK for school. Fun times they be having. I'm ever so slightly sad that I'm not there but I feel like they're trying to make up for it by agreeing to by me all the make up I've been asking for. Let me just say, this never happens. I buy all of my make up, with my own money. So when I asked for the Lorac Pro and my mum agreed, I had to read my whatsapp twice. What? But apparently, they no longer stock it in stores, especially Sephora. I was actually ready to let it go and then my mum went an ordered in online for me. What is even happening? YES. YES AND AMEN. I am not complaining. Thank you mum.

    My sis usually tries to buy me stuff anyway (I'm not a very good sister in comparison to her). She's going to look for some Soap&Glory stuff for me. I know it's very materialistic to say that this completes me but hey, you got to have something that makes you happy. I am so happy right now. 

This is all off the top of my head. Ryan was actually the one who noticed that I haven't been blogging. What is life when your boyfriend calls you out on neglecting your social life? I have some stationary hauls to share, I'll update soon again. Also, make up that is coming back with my mum on Thursday. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Take me higher

This song makes me feel like the world is amazing and inspiring and that everything is wonderful and perfect. It takes me on a high that won't bring me down. There is a beautiful satisfaction in listening to this song. It makes doing work at 1:49am seem that lil' significant bit better.

Monday, August 11, 2014


It's here. That moment I take a step back and realize that this is happening. Life is happening. Today, I sent Ryan into army. I toured around the camp and ate camp food. I watched him stand in line with other recruits. The feeling is so surreal. Half of me doesn't actually believe he's in camp right now. Tonight, I go back to hall for the rest of the week. Tomorrow, my uni life starts at 0830. Everything is starting. This is that moment everyone has talked about, this is that moment everyone gushes about. 

This is that moment.
The moment is now.