Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tioman 2014

I was in Tioman from the 1st to the 4th of April. Before I rave about how beautiful the place is and how the water was unbelievably clear and pristine, I should say that I was born an island girl. Been going to the beaches since I was born, Tioman is practically my second home. I love the sea and everything in it and if I was passionate about science, I would have set myself up to be a marine biologist. 

I haven't been back to Tioman in about 3 years or so, so going back was wonderful. Qianying stayed over Monday night, we ate hokkien mee into the dead of the night, declared that we wouldn't do any sleeping but at 2am, we caved. So we spent like 15 minutes arguing about whose fault it was before falling asleep. It was awesome. 

We took a shuttle bus and a ferry to get to Tioman and when we reached it was about 2pm.
So we had lunch!

I showed them around the place then we geared up and walked to the nearest island to get Qianying acquainted with the snorkle. 

Ah, look at my two favourite people.

We used a regular Olympus underwater camera so, no dslr quality pictures here.
Just shady pixels and iPhone standards.

The visibility wasn't that great on the first day. It was raining a bit when we arrived and that must have stirred up the sea. It was fun, nonetheless. Ryan saw a ray but Qianying and I were too busy looking a fishes. 

Feeding frenzy!

All time favourite girl ^

The tide drew back really quickly so before we knew it the rocks were close to our faces and there wasn't much space to swim. But, we were lazy to walk back and it really was quite the distance so... 

We formed the train.
I pulled Qianying and Ryan pulled me. 
Yes, Ryan labored for us.
Put them arms to work soldier!

This is like those old gross photos that we took 6 or so years back with the dingy flash and the bad framing but pfft, island life man. And for the record, Ryan took this. Haha! We have a wonderful dinner coupled with a whole kg of lobster. Ugh! I need to go back. 

By the end of the dinner, Ryan and I were lobster-ed out. Qianying passed, she doesn't eat seafood.
It's okay, I don't know what's wrong with her either.

We turned in relatively early. Well, Qianying did. Ryan and I were talking and talking in bed for hours before our lights went out. 

Day 2:

Our day started very early. We had a whole snorkling trip ahead of us! We had breakfast at 8am and we were on the boat at 9am.

#selfie at the jetty

On our way to Monkey Bay!

Okay, so the water was insanely clear and beautiful here. It was snorkling in HD.
But this was also where I got my jelly stings. For some strange reason, Qianying and Ryan didn't get any and they only came for me. The only explanation there is for this phenomenon is that, jellyfish like sunblock. I slathered so much on myself and the other two didn't have a single drop on them, that is also why they were burnt to crisp and I was still the same shade.

I don't really mind the jelly stings. The hurt for like 2 seconds and then they're mostly just itchy.
I may sound crazy but hey, I invaded their space.
And, they're kind of cute, when they're not stinging you.

Next location >>>

We went to a total of five snorkling spots, of which I am unable to name all.
But they were amazing, we saw sharks and turtles.

~Stop for lunch~

Told Ryan that he had to jump off the jetty or I would question his manliness.
And despite his fear of heights, he did it.

Proud of you, now all you have to do is jump off a plane and you're all set.


More food. I should mention, all we did was eat, snorkle and sleep.

After our day trip, we went to dig around in the rock pools.
Ryan is really good at finding hermit crabs, but I'm good at finding actual crabs.
Unfortunately, we didn't catch any crabs. We saw them, tried to corner them and they went, 
Just hermit crabs.

Oh and we found these bad boys stuck to a rock.
Ryan said they were somebodies eggs, and I wanted to pick it up to put it in the bucket and when I tried, I realized they weren't eggs. Probably just some polyps.

Tons of cats everywhere! The beach is practically their litter box. Such cutie pies roaming around freely. So adorable.

We showered, had dinner, watched a bit of tv and then fell asleep. 

Day 3:

On the third day we went jungle trekking. It was crazy hot and let's just say, jungle trekking is not my thing. We had to climb steps, it was ridiculous.

But this is what we came to see. The icy cold waterfall.

And some butterfly friends.

I just realized that we didn't take as many photos as I thought we did. We really were having way too much fun. On the last night we decided, well, day decided to drink a little and since I don't drink, I told them to go ahead. Just order anything you want and they were all for it but they said I had to drink too. So after much convincing, I decided to just do it but when I decided to drink, they changed their mind, saying that the alcohol may react with my jelly stings, you know, like bee stings. 

Pfft. So in the end, Qianying had rum and I shared gin with Ryan. Though, I ended up drinking most of it cause it really was quite good. 

We went back to the room and broke the tradition of watching tv even though django was on and we played a game. I don't really know if there's a name for it, there are so many different versions now. You put a piece of paper on your head and you try and guess what you are. 

Qianying was, a mexican gardener, a fireman stripper, and a booger.
I was a poop stain (no thanks to Ryan. I even asked if I could be eaten).
Ryan was constipation, amongst other things. 

I love these two.

Last breakfast together.

We had ramly burgers for lunch before taking off for the jetty to wait for our ferry. Ramly burgers are so so so bad but so so so good, you know? I wish I ate more. I should have had like a dozen.

It was a long journey back home, lots of waiting and traveling.
By the time we got back to Singapore it was around 8pm.
So we went to Newton Circus and feasted one last time before our trip really ended.

There was way more food after this photo but, who cares about photos when they food is in front of you. The stingray was really good, I thought it was fantastic. 

One of the best trips I've had, I wouldn't have traded it for anything.
PS: Will probably update with pictures of turtles and sharks another day.